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Sophia Davis

Living in: Berlin, Germany

Joined make: 2016

Sophia Davis

I make fitness training videos: mainly high intensity strength and interval training

I believe that fitness training makes a big positive improvement to people's lives, and my mission is to make that easier and more accessible through my videos! After studying biology and doing a PhD, I decided to get more physical. I've always played tons of sports and loved fitness, and now I give personal fitness training in Berlin, as well as teaching somatic learning.

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Happy Knee Workout for Knee Pain - Intermediate

by Sophia Davis

Published 19. September 2017 188

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A range of exercises aimed at reducing and avoiding knee pain. We combine exercises for stability, leg strengthening, and some stretches to aim at having happier knees!

  • 4 months ago – 07:48


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Small is beautiful. With just a little bit of support, you can use all of my fitness videos for working out at home. I'm aiming to make one or two new workouts each month: HIIT or strength training, with different focuses. Get your sweat on!

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So you like my videos? Thanks! With this support you get my gratitude, and access to a behind the scenes vid, to find out how I became such a fitness nut.

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So many fitness videos, but which should you do? With this support you get access to a special video where I suggest how to combine the workouts into a training program for yourself. You can also write to me with requests for particular workouts!

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In need of a little bit more input? For 10 lucky people, this support gets you a skype chat with me every 3 months, where I can advise you on a fitness program for you, set you training and check in on your progress.

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For just 5 lucky supporters who want more personal attention, I'm offering a monthly skype chat, where I can advise you on your own personal program, set you training, and check-in with your progress.

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