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Case Study

Sustainable funding for Creators.

Despite only being a Creator on make for a short period of time, some of our Creators are successfully attracting generous monthly pledges from their Supporters.

Natalie Wagner joined make in December 2016. Natalie specializes in contemporary dance, and has posted twelve outstanding video creations to her make profile

When Natalie joined make she created a simple email template to send to her friends and colleagues asking for their support. She also spoke with them face-to-face and explained the importance of receiving their regular support.

From just 10 Supporters she is now earning €89 per month, and expects to be earning much more in the future as her beautiful works attract further Supporters.

Natalie’s advice to other artist is to keep consistently posting creations to make, and feel proud when asking family, friends and fans for support.

Living in: Berlin, Germany

Joined make: 2016

Natalie Wagner

I make Dance, Choreographies & Coachings

I'm a freelance performer and choreographer based in Berlin. My Swiss/Brazilian background gives me the right mix for my artistic work: thoughtful, precise, consistent VS. fearless, risk taker, emotional outbreak and loud :D I have the need of filtering our society and human vulnerability, exploring unwritten rules and find the fine line between tragedy and humor through my art.

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Making € 89 per month from 10 Supporters

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