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make me if you can!

Sustainable funding for Creators.

make is the new funding platform for Creators and Supporters to come together.

make offers a great way for Creators of all kinds to present and develop their work. Whether it's a how-to video, music composition, short film or fitness course – Creators can share really any ongoing creation they want their Supporters to enjoy. Supporters can then connect with their favourite Creators, they fund the ones they love and become a part of the creation process.

make - Sustainable funding for Creators.

The best thing about make is there’s no deadlines, no time limits or pledge restrictions. Supporters can simply follow their favourite Creators or support them with a small amount for each new creation. make is about sustainable funding. When Creators receive regular, small amounts of support, it allows them to plan ahead, continue to make interesting work and, most importantly, it gives them time to connect with their Supporters.

make is all about participating in the creation process.

Creators can simply set up a profile and share their work. Supporters can follow the Creators they love or choose to fund them - for regular creations or through monthly contributions. make collects the contributions from the Supporters and provides them to the Creators.

How Does It Work?


As a Creator, you can post your creations and specify who can view them. People supporting you via a pledge might have privileged access to your video blog for example. Creators can define pledge amounts for the content they post and offer small incentives to Supporters, like tickets to a future show, behind the scenes footage or a download link to a music file. This allows Creators to generate a sustainable income and consistently develop and share their creations with a growing audience.


Supporters are the lively-hood of make and the Creator's they fund. Your support can literally change a Creator's life by enabling them to focus and engage in what they do best. Creating anything from scratch is challenging, but doing it without support is almost impossible. Your generous contributions will result in access to original content, praise from the Creators and special rewards. So get to know the Creators you love today and help them realize their full potential.

Magic is what you make

make is for Creators of all kinds. A photographer can post their images, a musician can post their audio tracks, a personal trainer can post their fitness videos and experts can post their video tutorials on any subject. make is designed to be used as a tool to engage your Supporters. What you share and create is up to you (within reason).


make allows Creators to generate a sustainable income whilst developing content their fans and Supporters love. When Creators receive smaller amounts of support on a regular basis, it allows them to plan ahead, create interesting work and share their process with like-minded people. make transports Supporters to the heart of a creation, giving them ‘behind the scenes’ access and a rare view of creation in progress.

make - made by many (made by you).

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