Achilleas Gatsopoulos just blew our minds

One of our most prolific Creators Achilleas Gatsopoulos has released a creepily awesome video entitled ANALOG HÄXERI. It reminds us of old horror movies when the ghosts take over the technology. Achilleas shot it with an old VHS camera and captured via an old damaged VHS deck. He then experimented with a magnifying sheet in front of the camera and with various sound atmospheres.  Watch it here. And please pledge to this super-talented Creator to help him continue making such great stuff.

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make is very excited to have Sophia David join recently. Sophia makes high intensity strength and interval fitness training videos, and they are an awesome workout (our legs hurt!).

After studying biology and doing a PhD, Sophia started focusing on personal fitness training in Berlin, as well as teaching somatic learning. She believes that fitness training makes a big positive improvement to people’s lives, and her mission is to make that easier through her videos.

View Sophia’s videos, and if you love her, as we do, pledge to her so she can continue her great work.

make team

make helps you reach Supporters and finance your life as a Creator.

make launches

After 12 months of intense work, make has launched. As creators our vision has been to provide a way for other creators to generate a sustainable income doing what they love.

make has been built with our heart and soul. It’s not perfect, but it is born, and we offer it to the creator community to explore it and experiment with it and critique it. Based on your feedback we will make it better.

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